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Buy and pay here car dealerships offer in house auto financing and leasing for bad credit customers. Enter your location to begin.
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Alternative In House Auto Financing

"Buy Here Pay Here" is a phrase used when a customer purchases and finances or leases a vehicle directly through an auto dealership. No credit history is generally required when you get a buy and pay here auto loan. The loan is provided directly from the BHPH car lot. your credit history often does not matter as long as you have an income and a down payment.
The Drivers Lane Dealer Network includes BHPH dealers, as well as no money down car dealers, who have access to the nation's top sub prime auto finance companies.
Unlike traditional lending sources, alternative auto financing may not to show up on your credit report. Often, bad credit no credit car lots set-up weekly payment schedules which are made directly to the cashier at the dealership. That's why some people call them in house financing car dealerships.
Pre qualify Online
for Buy Here/Pay Here Financing
Get pre qualified online in about 3 minutes for on the lot financing to buy a new or used vehicle with little or no money down.
Compare with Conventional Auto Finance Companies
On the Car Lot Financing
  • No credit history required; credit might not even be checked
  • Payments are made directly at the car lot
  • Dealership does not report to the credit bureaus
  • A money down payment is recommended
  • Loans are frequently made for used automobiles
Auto Finance Lenders
  • A lending score card based on several factors is used
  • Credit score and history is taken into consideration
  • Payments are made to the finance company
  • No money down cars are available
  • Loans are available for used and new automobiles
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Buy Here Pay Here No Money Down
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Customer Testimonial
"Thanks for getting us approved credit. We're so happy with our van, and the service we received.
Thanks so much
for your help!" Sean S.
Auto Loan Terms
Credit Scoring
A system used by banks and other lending institutions to determine whether or not you are creditworthy. Each lender uses their own score card to determine if they will approve an automobile loan.
Nov 26, 2014, 6:55 am
Auto Loan Terminology
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use my trade for a down payment?
Yes! You may use a trade as your down payment. If there is a lien on the trade vehicle, however, additional cash may be required in addition to the trade in.
Nov 26, 2014, 6:28 am