Looking For 0 Down Car Lots
for People with Bad Credit?

Finding a car dealership that offers zero down financing to those with bad credit can be a difficult task. Most car lots would rather have your cash in hand rather than a promise to pay.

If no money down car dealers are your only option, our nationwide network of bad credit auto dealers is a great place to start looking.
Get Approved
To find the financing you need, you can get started by either filling out the online application, or select the state where you live to find one near you. There is no obligation when you complete the free application or use our dealer search features.
While not everyone will have a bad credit no money down car dealership near them, our nationwide network of bad credit auto lenders is full of car lots that offer low down payment options, and our financing experts will determine what your exact options are based on your income, employment, debt factors and available vehicle inventory. We also have buy here pay here financing options for those who wish to avoid a credit check. We can give you the best opportunities possible for dealers that offer $100, $200, $300, $500, or $1000 due at signing.
There are Drivers Lane car lots in your area with low payment bad credit auto financing options, so select your state from the directory below. Each affiliated automobile dealership has exceptional knowledge about where to find bad credit vehicle financing and they are dedicated to helping you in the best way possible.
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Bad Credit Car Dealerships Financing
Financing Requirements
Who Qualifies with Zero Down?
  • People with no credit score and one year on the same job.
  • People with a thin credit history and two years of continuous employment.
  • People with a pre-tax monthly income over $1,560.
  • People that are flexible with the cars they are willing to drive.
  • People with no repossessions in the last year, unless included in a bankruptcy.
  • People willing to drive a few extra miles, to get approved with no down payment.
I meet these guidelines,
Skip to the application.
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Will inquiries effect my credit rating?
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