Most buyers get a little apprehensive about making a used car purchase. Even if everything about a car looks and sounds right, how do you know for sure that there aren't any hidden problems? While 100% certainty may be impossible to achieve, asking the right questions should ensure that you won't bring home a lemon.

Don't Forget the Details

When face-to-face with a salesperson on a car lot, it can be easy to forget certain details that might prove to be important later. It's helpful to make a list of questions that you can take with you. This way, you're sure to not leave anything out.

  • Do all of the windows and locks work?
    While this may seem like a fairly obvious thing to consider, you're going to be taking in a lot of information. Don’t get stuck with a less than secure vehicle.
  • Do the turn signals and cruise control work?
    Be sure to test these things out during your test drive.
  • Does the car come with a spare tire and jack?Used Car, Questions
    Never assume that these items are present. Hopefully, you will never have a flat tire, but if you do, life will be a lot easier if you have what you need to get back on the road.
  • Is the gas cap still attached?
    This is a relatively easy item to replace, but the lack of a gas cap may provide a clue about how the vehicle was treated by the former owner.
  • Is there rust damage?
    If you're buying the car in a geographic region that experiences harsh winters, rust damage should be one of the first things about which you should inquire.
  • Are there chips in any of the glass?
    Cracks are pretty easy to spot, but even the tiniest chips may become cracks over time. Check for these thoroughly.
  • Does the rear defroster work properly?
    It would be highly inconvenient to not know about a faulty rear defroster until you need it to function.
  • Is the catalytic converter and exhaust system intact?
    You can ask your salesperson and trust that you're going to get an honest answer. Or, to be even safer, you can have the car inspected by a mechanic of your choosing before you commit to buying.
  • Is there significant wear on the brakes?
    This is something else to pay attention to during the test drive. If the brakes feel slippery or if they make strange noises, you may want to consider looking at a different vehicle.
  • Does the car have a clean Carfax report?
    Many dealerships will offer free car history reports to prospective buyers. Even if they don't, it is well worth the required fee to pull the report yourself just to make sure that the vehicle you're interested in hasn't been in any major collisions.

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