There are a number of tactics credit-challenged consumers can use to improve their chances of getting approved for an auto loan with little or no money down.

Car Loans with Bad Credit

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Having been involved with subprime car loans here at Drivers Lane, we realize that most high-risk lenders will require a majority of borrowers with credit issues to come up with a down payment.

The typical down payment is usually ten percent of the selling price or $1,000, whichever amount is less. In most cases, the money down covers the state taxes plus license, title, and dealer document fees – with maybe some left over to reduce the actual selling price of the vehicle. Coming up with a down payment means borrowers won't be paying interest on those fees.

But for those borrowers hoping to get approved for a car loan with no down payment, there are a number of tactics that can be used:

  • A trade-in that’s either paid off or has equity (meaning it’s worth more than the amount owed) can be used to partially or fully satisfy a lender’s down payment requirements.
  • Choose a vehicle with a low loan-to-value (LTV) – the greater the gap between its selling price and its book value, the better the chances are of getting a lower down payment requirement.
  • Choose an affordable vehicle with a payment well below the lender’s maximum amount – the less expensive, the better the odds of securing a lower down payment amount.
  • At least six months before shopping for a vehicle, check your credit reports for mistakes. This will give you time to correct any errors and raise your credit scores – because higher credit scores mean your chances of a lower or even no down payment are better.

The Bottom Line

Although most subprime lenders will require a down payment, Drivers Lane has been helping credit-challenged buyers get auto loans for over 13 years. If you want us to help you find affordable auto financing, just fill out our fast and free online application.