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No Money Down Car Dealers in Michigan

We help people in Michigan find auto financing through our nationwide network of bad credit car dealers. We work with dealerships in Michigan and across the country that can help car buyers with bad credit, no credit, credit issues like bankruptcy and repossession, and little or no money down.

We help Michigan car buyers find local special finance dealers that have the lending resources to help. Not every dealership has lenders who can work with challenging credit situations, so finding the right dealer is an important first step toward getting financed.

Start the process of finding a bad credit car dealer in Michigan by filling out our auto loan request form or selecting a city near you from our list below:

99 qualified dealers in Michigan

If you're looking for auto financing that fits your situation and you live in Michigan, you've come to the right place. We have a relationship with thousands of special finance dealerships all across the USA and our massive used car database can help you find what you're looking for locally.

To get started finding a dealer in your local area, simply fill out our online auto loan request form or select a MI city from the list above. We care about our customers in Michigan. That's why we want to help you find the right financing, whether you're a first-time car buyer or are looking for a last option buy here pay here dealer - Drivers Lane is your one-stop resource.

New Car Leasing in Michigan

Many Michiganders long for a new car, but often, they don't have the means to purchase or finance something brand new, especially with damaged credit. Many of these consumers turn to leasing, so they get the perks of driving a new vehicle, without the drawbacks of a long-term payment. But is it even possible to lease a vehicle with damaged credit?

The truth is that getting approved for a new car lease with bad credit is difficult, but it's possible in some cases. The key is going to the right dealership that has special lenders available to help in these situations. Wondering if leasing may be an option for you? Click here to learn more.

Trading in a Car in Michigan

When you start your search for a newer vehicle, don't forget to factor your trade-in as part of the deal. A trade-in vehicle can be a big help as part of a down payment for someone whose credit has seen better days. That is, as long as there's equity in your vehicle.

Equity is the difference between the amount of money owed on, and the actual value of, a vehicle. If you owe more money for a vehicle than it's worth, it has negative equity or is underwater". This situation can make it more difficult to trade-in a vehicle, but there are options if you're prepared.

We want to help you find the dealership in Michigan that can get you the most you're eligible for your trade in. Begin your search for a local dealer that's right for you by filling out our auto loan request form today!

Search for Michigan No Money Down Used Cars

Receiving a match from a Michigan-based auto dealership doesn't mean you have to purchase a vehicle from that dealer. But if you have bad credit no credit or bankruptcy they may be the only dealer in your area that can help. Not all dealers work with the lending resources necessary to help people who have these bruises on their credit.

We want to set you up with a local bad credit car dealer in Michigan. Get back on the road and on the path to improving your credit. We'll work to match you with a dealer in your area once you fill out the secure auto loan request form on our website.

If you prefer, you can start your vehicle search by using our massive used car database. Explore local vehicles for sale on the lots of our affiliated dealers in Michigan to get an idea of what's available right now. You can narrow down your options by searching by make, model, price, and distance.

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