We all are aware of the fact that used car dealerships in Green Bay can finance consumers who need financial assistance. The thing you probably didn't know is your chances to qualify for pre-owned auto loans can vary depending on the dealer that you choose to utilize. Not every establishment that offers you cheap used cars with low prices is guaranteed to offer you financing, but it can be easy to find out which ones will.

Why Vehicle Loans Differ at Used Car Lots in Green Bay

You might be wondering why your ability to be approved may vary when choosing the proper dealership to visit, and the answer is easy to understand. The reason this issue arises is because each of the used car lots in the Green Bay area can be working with different banks and financing companies.

Since most of the dealers near your home don't have the necessary means to offer you financing options they must utilize the services of these outside establishments. These various lenders thereby invoke their own policies onto the dealership as to how they should go about about accepting auto loan applications from people with certain credit scores.

Manufacturer Financing Companies and Buy Here Pay Here Dealerships

Of course not all dealerships need the assistance of an outside lending company which is made evident with car lots owned by car manufacturers and buy here pay here dealers. The dealerships that are partnered with a franchised manufacturer have the ability to use a captive financing organization that is supplied by that company, such as Ford Credit and Honda Finance.

On the other hand you have BHPH used car lots that do their own financing and known for being more likely to finance consumers with bad credit scores. The major difference with these types of pre-owned dealerships is that you may be required to make your payments in person and on a weekly basis. However, more buy here pay here dealers have made it possible to make payments by phone and online to help make it easier for you.

Now, I understand it would be foolish for me to assume that you will know off hand which dealers are more likely to approve you for financing. That is why we are willing to help point you in the right direction after you complete our online application. We will locate the best dealers near you that will give you used car loans that you can afford. So take this time to fill out our app and we will make sure you get the assistance you need.