Searching for a car dealership on your own can be a challenging and stressful task when you have imperfect credit. Car dealerships are often selective on who they will sell cars to, meaning that not every dealership may be willing to work with you. This makes it imperative that you seek outside assistance when you are looking to buy a new vehicle.

Special finance companies like Drivers Lane will match you with the right dealer and can improve your car buying experience in a number of different ways. We have compiled a list of reasons that describe why you should avoid searching for a car dealership on your own and use us instead.

Time and Money

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Visiting several different dealerships will cost you time and money that can be better spent elsewhere. You might not stay at a dealership for a long period of time, but each visit will accumulate and you may find yourself at car lots for several days. Drivers Lane will find you the right dealer quickly, saving you time and money in traveling expenses. We are partnered with a nationwide network of special finance car dealers, so no matter where you live, we can help you find one near you.

Financing Options

Even if you find a dealer that will approve you on your own, it may not be the best one for you. Different types of dealers exist for various levels of credit. For example, one dealer might charge you more for financing than what another would if you didn't know where to go. Special financing companies like ours will analyze your credit score and other pertinent factors to identify the best fit for your unique situation.

Amount of Cars

Used car dealerships often have a limited amount of cars on their lots. While this may not be a problem if you do not have a specific vehicle in mind, most individuals prefer to have the opportunity to select from different options. Visiting car dealerships on your own will not guarantee that you will find a vehicle that matches your needs, while consulting a company that has a large network of reliable dealerships will improve the probability of this occurring.

Trusted Advisors

Anyone can start a car dealership, which means that you have to be careful to avoid dealers that knowingly sell defective automobiles or break laws. Applying with us will ensure that you will be doing business with a trustworthy organization that has years of experience in the car industry. We only match you with car dealers that will give you the best opportunity to drive off the lot satisfied with your purchase.

Begin Your Car Search with Us

Are you ready to begin your new vehicle search with us? Fill out our online application and let us make your life easier. We will save you time and money and direct you to the dealer who will give you the best opportunity to purchase the car that you have been wanting. You may even be able to get financing approval with little or no money down. Start today.