When in the market for a vehicle, most lenders typically require a down payment for the purchase. Although it is advised to an amount down, not everyone is able to keep a sum of money available to do so. If you are working with low income and cannot save for a down payment, then you may want to consider checking out the 0 down car options that lenders can extend as alternatives. To take advantage of these, you may need one or both of the following:
0 Down on a Car

  • An old automobile to use as a collateral
  • A person you know who will be able to sign on the loan with you.

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Why a Down Payment is in your Best Interest

A down payment is important because it allows the lenders to see the commitment for this purchase. A purpose for it that may benefit you is that typically over time, vehicles tend to depreciate due to the enhancing auto industry. By having a car that is not up to par, and depending on your interest rates, you may be at risk of being upside down on an auto loan. A down payment gives you more control as to what you want your loan term to be. Usually people prefer to opt for a shorter loan because it means that you can pay off the car, truck or SUV faster.

Look into Budgeting

Having a general idea of how much you plan on using towards an automobile helps you decide the important factors of what you can afford. If you budget your expenses you may see an amount that you were not able to see before; and to save up for any money down. With a budget in hand, you will be able to negotiate more with the buyer on topics such as price, interest rates, or the loan term length.

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