Kars4Kids, a national nonprofit organization, just launched the "Drive Human" awareness campaign. Their mission: to remind drivers they share the road with humans, not cars, so it's important to be courteous.

The Drive Human Campaign

Kars4Kids doesn't believe enough people practice proper driving etiquette. For some reason, the presence of car walls lead people to do things they would never do in normal interpersonal interactions.

This entertaining video from Kars4Kids exhibits this point perfectly.

The video is not the only initiative of the Drive Human campaign. Kars4Kids is also:

  • Distributing educational courteous driving guides to student drivers in New York and New Jersey in partnership with Empire Safety Council. The guide is also available for all to download at kars4kids.org/drive-human/.
  • Spreading the word through the hashtag #drivehuman on social media.
  • Showing off the results of a survey that broke down the "state of driving" in each U.S. state.
  • Promoting an interactive quiz on their website that allows drivers to get a feel for their own behavior behind the wheel. This quiz also dishes out some personalized tips on how to be more courteous.
  • Distributing bumper stickers with the hashtag #drivehuman to all motorists who request one on their website.

These types of educational campaigns are important, especially as we enter into the busy summer driving season. Everybody would benefit if we all exhibited a little more manners on the roads.

Tips for Driving Courteously

If we all took it upon ourselves to be courteous behind the wheel, the roads would be a safer, less stressful, and more harmonious place. Here are some tips you can use to be a more courteous driver.

  • Do away with distractions and focus on driving. No phones, no texting, no eating/drinking, no applying makeup, no entertaining the kids, no reaching for objects elsewhere in the car, etc. Just drive with your eyes on the road and both hands on the wheel.
  • Follow the speed limit. Moving in the flow of traffic will help keep you safe.
  • Use your turn signals for all lane changes and turns. Make sure to do so well in advance to give other drivers proper notice. Also, don’t forget to physically turn and check your blind spot before changing lanes.
  • Keep a proper following distance. Tailgating is rude and it also puts you in more danger. Your reaction time is compromised if you are too close to the car in front of you, making a crash more likely when the unexpected happens.
  • Respect the right-of-way rules, especially for pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.
  • Don't react to other people's driving. Stay composed and keep your emotions at bay. Things will happen that will irritate you behind the wheel. It's your job to not escalate a situation by reacting, especially in an aggressive manner, to others.
  • Only use the left-most lane only for passing. On highways and freeways, the left lane is for passing only. Use it only to pass a slower vehicle and then return to your original lane when safe to do so.
  • At night, make sure to turn off your high beams for oncoming traffic.
  • Give yourself time and don't be in a rush. If you give yourself more than enough time to get to your destination, you may find that you are much less prone to stress and irritability on the road.

Above all else, remember that there are people just like you in the other vehicles on the road. Just listen to Kars4Kids and drive human.

The Bottom Line

Drive Human is all about being considerate of the other people sharing the road with you. Make sure to follow our tips to help you be a more courteous driver.

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