If you are a responsible driver, you are probably careful to observe all traffic laws at all times. You obey the posted speed limits, always buckle up and your cell phone is tucked away whenever you are behind the wheel. And you wouldn't even dream of coming to a rolling stop at a stop sign. But are you sure that you are following ALL of the rules of the road? Depending on which state you live in, there may be some pretty unusual traffic laws on the books.

Unusual Traffic Laws that May Surprise You

unusual traffic laws
It is unlikely that very many people actually ever receive citations for breaking these laws, but they do exist. So, if you consider yourself to be an expert law-abider, make sure that you are aware of these traffic laws and whether or not they apply to you.

Do You Live in California?

You should know that it is illegal for women to drive in the Golden State while wearing a bathrobe. This will be highly inconvenient on those days when you literally have nothing to wear. And it is unclear whether or not the bathrobe has to be made of terrycloth in order to be forbidden or if kimonos count.

Do You Live in Kansas?

If you are planning on crossing a highway on foot and at night while in the Sunflower State, you had better be properly accessorized. This is because a Kansas state statute requires pedestrians crossing the highway after sundown to wear tail lights. The law isn't clear about whether or not you will also need a turn signal, but your hindquarters must be illuminated.

Do You Live in Pennsylvania?

Driving along a country road at night in the Keystone State might be time-consuming, but festive. A Pennsylvania law dictates that any motorist driving along a rural road after dark must stop every mile and send up a rocket signal and wait ten minutes for "the road to be cleared of livestock" before proceeding.

Do You Live in Denver, Colorado?

When deciding on a car color, black seems like a safe choice. It's nice and neutral, understated and elegant, and it is popular enough to potentially add to the vehicle's resale value. However, if you are a Denver resident, you should know that it is technically illegal to drive a black car on any given Sunday. It is also illegal to "mistreat rats" in Denver, whatever that means.

Do You Live in Rhode Island?

In the Ocean State, it is illegal to pass someone on the road without making an audible noise. This won't be a problem unless you drive a virtually silent electric car. Do you own a Tesla or a Nissan Leaf in Rhode Island? You may want to install loudspeakers on your car so that you can blast marching band music at the cars you are passing. Sure, you could just honk your horn, but that might be distracting.

Do You Live in Connecticut?

It is absolutely illegal to shoot whales from your car while driving in the Constitution State. Sorry, Captain Ahab. If that Great White rears his ugly head while you're on the way to the Henny Penny one morning, you will need to safely pull over before launching your harpoon. Remember that it was difficult to give up texting while driving too. In time, not shooting whales while the car is in motion will seem like second nature.

Some traffic laws may seem odd, outdated or even downright weird. But most of them were originally created for good reasons. Traffic laws are designed to keep you safe on the road, so make it habitual to practice good driving habits so that you can avoid both citations and accidents.

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