Driving in the summer may seem relatively safe, but it is often the most dangerous time to be on the road. Potential hazards such as motorcycles, construction zones, inexperienced drivers on vacation and extreme heat can cause issues for motorists.

While drivers may not be able to control many of these threats, they can work to ensure that their tires can withstand high temperatures. This is often managed by having tires that are in good condition.

Tire Pressure

Tips for Tire Safety
Checking tire pressure at least once a month is one of the easiest ways to prevent tire damage. Underinflated tires are flatter to the ground, which leads to the sides of the tire wearing prematurely. Overinflated tires will cause the centers to wear more than the sides, which will create uneven tread. Industry experts suggest consumers should purchase a quality tire pressure gauge and inflate each tire to its correct level. Proper tire inflation has the potential to extend tire life and may help to prevent blowouts in high temperatures.

Balanced Tires

Having your tires properly balanced is just as important as proper inflation. Unbalanced tires place uneven pressure on tire treads, which causes increased heat and uneven wear. It is important to have your tires rotated and balanced every 4,000 to 8,000 miles, as every bump could knock tires out of balance. A vibration while driving and uneven wear are two warning signs that you may have this issue.

Wheel Alignment

Improper wheel alignment also has the potential to cause increased tire wear. Potholes and curb shots can create wheel alignment issues, which may in turn cause unusual wear patterns on your tires. Ensure that your wheels are properly aligned every 10,000 miles by having your car serviced by an expert technician. It could have a strong impact on the life span of your tires and could save you money over time.

Proper Flat Tire Repair

tips for tire safety
If you have a flat tire, it is very important to take it to a reputable shop or tire dealer for repair. These places can identify any potential issue that the tire might have and can fix it accordingly. Improper flat tire repair can lead to a blowout or additional damage. Having your tire repaired correctly by a professional is essential to safe driving.

Vehicle Overloading

It may be tempting to overload your vehicle in the summer, but it could cause significant damage to your tires even after the extra weight is removed. If your vehicle is overloaded, the edges of your tire tread can build up excessive heat, which may lead to the tread separating from your tire. Tire cords can also snap, which could continue until the tire is replaced. Prevent these things from happening by carrying less than your car's maximum recommended load.

Overall Car Safety

While it is important to keep your tires in proper condition, it is just as important to keep your overall credit in good shape. If yours is less than perfect, the team at Drivers Lane can help you find auto financing by matching you with a dealership that will give you the best shot at improving your situation. Just apply online and one of our experts will be in touch with you soon.