Spring has sprung, and you may be inspired to clean. Making your home feel new and refreshed may be a tradition of yours during this time of year, but spring cleaning shouldn't be limited to living spaces. You probably spend a significant amount of time in your car too. Why not take advantage of the warmer weather to spruce up your vehicle and ensure that it is in the best possible condition?

Winter can be a difficult time for even the best cars. Now is a perfect time to help your vehicle recover from the effects of rough driving conditions and catch little problems before they can become big issues later on.

An Automotive Spring Cleaning Checklist

Now that you can comfortably be outside for more than two minutes, you will be able to give your car the attention it deserves. Here are a few things that you can do to improve both the appearance of your vehicle and its overall performance.

spring cleaning

  • Wash and wax your car like you mean it. A quick trip through the local car wash is helpful, but every once in a while, your vehicle requires a more thorough scrub-down. So, grab a bucket and get to work. Pay close attention to the little nooks and crannies where dirt and debris can gather. After washing, carefully rinse and dry your car. Finally, consult your owner's manual before deciding on a brand of automobile wax to use. You want to be sure that you won't be compromising the integrity of the paint. Then wax and buff your vehicle according to the instructions that are included with the product.
  • Grab a (big) garbage bag and tackle the interior.
    If you have a habit of allowing trash and other items to accumulate in your car, it is easy enough to clean up your act. Even if you think that you have been a reasonably neat driver/passenger, clutter can happen. This is especially true if you have kids. You may be surprised and a little horrified by what you might find under car seats and on the floorboards. So, throw on some rubber gloves and get that trash out of there. Next, vacuum out the whole interior. You will feel like you're driving a brand new vehicle.
  • Check your tire pressures. Why do you need to check the pressure in all four tires? Because of science, that's why. Impress your friends by letting them know that tire pressures can change with the temperature. In the winter, as air temperatures get cooler, tire pressures decrease, so you will want to keep them full and plump when it is cold. However, as air temperatures warm up in the spring, tire pressures increase. This means that you should monitor them so they don’t get too fat and put you at risk for a blowout.
  • Have a mechanic check under the hood. Of course you want your car to look good, but just like with people, it's what's on the inside that really counts. So, ask your mechanic to verify that your engine hasn't been completely traumatized by winter. Have the belts and hoses checked to ensure that they are not brittle or heavily worn. And don't forget to get your oil changed and have all of the fluids replaced or topped off. While at the service center, have your alignment and suspension inspected. Going over potholes or loose rocks in the pavement can damage components associated with these systems.

If you find that even a thorough spring cleaning isn't enough to revitalize your car, it may be time to upgrade to a newer, more reliable model. To make this purchase as easy and hassle-free as possible, contact Drivers Lane for financing assistance.

New Season, New Car

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