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No Money Down Car Dealers in Tennessee

If you're looking for a dealership in Tennessee that can get you financed even if you're dealing with less than perfect credit, we want to help. We work with a large selection of bad credit car dealerships in Tennessee and across the country that specialize in assisting car buyers in challenging credit situations.

Start the process of getting matched with a dealer in your local area by submitting our free auto loan request form online, or you can select a city near you from our list below:

14 qualified dealers in Tennessee

Tennessee Car Dealers that Accept Trade-Ins

Many car buyers trade in their old vehicle to the dealership. Not only is this an easy and convenient way to deal with your old car, you can apply its value or your equity in it toward your purchase as a down payment.

Our partner dealerships in the Volunteer State happily accept trade-ins as a down payment, even when you're dealing with bad credit. If the value of your trade-in is high enough, it might be enough to cover your down payment. The Tennessee dealerships we work with sometimes have options for buyers with little or no money down.

On the other hand, trading in a vehicle with negative equity can be an issue. You'll either have to pay the difference between what you owe and what the car is worth out of pocket, or roll it into your new loan, if the lender allows you to. This can be expensive, so make sure you know your equity situation heading into the process.

Tote the Note Dealerships in Tennessee

Our auto dealer partners in Tennessee include car lots that offer tote the note financing. These dealerships, also referred to as buy here pay here dealers, typically won't run a credit check because they don't use outside lenders. This allows bad credit borrowers with a qualifying income the opportunity to get a car loan when they otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Similar to bad credit car loans, you meet with the dealership's finance manager first at a tote the note car lot. They'll evaluate your application to set the details of the loan and establish your car buying budget. From there, you can choose from the vehicles you qualify for in the dealer's inventory.

Tennesseans who are dealing with credit issues and need a car loan can look to tote the note dealerships, but they should keep a few things in mind. First, payments may be required to be made in person at the dealership, and vehicle selection may be limited. More importantly, while these dealers usually don't check your credit, this may mean they don't report to the credit bureaus, so the loan won't help you improve credit. Try to ask about this if your goal is to build credit with your car loan.

Search for Tennessee No Money Down Used Cars

Drivers Lane is here to help people in Tennessee and around the country find auto financing, even if they're dealing with credit issues. We do this by connecting car buyers to local dealerships that specialize in helping people facing challenging credit situations. These dealerships have helped many people purchase vehicles, and we want you to be next.

We want to match you with a local dealership. You can get the process started simply by filling out our free and easy auto loan request form. This only takes a few minutes of your time, and it doesn't put you under any obligation.

Or, you can look at our large used car database to search for cars on your own. From Memphis to Kingsport, you can explore local vehicles for sale in Tennessee. Search by price, distance, make, and model to narrow down your options and find a car that's right for you.

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