Do you want a car for Christmas? Make friends with a Millennial. According to a recent survey from eBay Motors, one in 10 Millennial respondents plan to surprise someone with a yuletide vehicle. This Holiday Automotive Survey also revealed some fun and quirky data about cars and Christmas.

Finally, if you are planning to make someone's season brighter with a new set of wheels, you'll be pleased to know that a new kind of giant bow has hit the market.

How Millennials Might be the Most Generous Generation

Car Bow

It might seem surprising that out of Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials, that members of the youngest generation are the most likely to give vehicles as gifts. However, it has also been established that Americans aged 18-34 currently have the most buying power.

Vice President of hard goods in North America at eBay Motors had this to say about the survey results:

"You would think that Gen-Xers or Baby Boomers might have more relational opportunity to gift somebody a car. But it was Millennials who were proving to be the most generous."

Of course, it should be noted that Millennials aren't always gifting these cars to other people. In fact, out of those who said that they gifted a vehicle in the last year, 58% admitted that these "gifts" were to themselves.

Here are a few more findings from the Holiday Automotive Survey:

  • 50% of gifted vehicles have been or will be paid for with financing.
  • 56% of those planning to buy cars as gifts will be purchasing new vehicles.
  • 44% will be surprising recipients with used cars.
  • Millennials are more likely to give used cars as gifts than other generations.
  • Ford is the preferred vehicle brand to give among Millennials. Gen-Xers, on the other hand, would rather give the gift of a Nissan. And if a Baby Boomer presents a vehicle to a loved one, it is most likely to be a Toyota.

It seems strange that, not long ago, auto industry experts were in a panic over Millennials. For a while, it seemed that this generation had no interest in owning cars. Now, it appears that consumers aged 18-34 are not only buying vehicles for themselves, but for other people as well.

Fun Holiday Car Facts for Every Generation

There is actually a pretty solid connection between Christmas and car culture. A lot of people find themselves spending a lot of time in vehicles around the holidays. Also, even if people aren't giving cars to friends and family members, they may be gifting car-related items.

Or, drivers might be fantasizing about the dream car they would like Santa to bring on December 25th.

  • The most popular song to listen to while driving (according to the eBay Motors survey) is "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey. Frank Sinatra's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" came in second.
  • 43% of survey respondents (all generations) said that they've given vehicle accessories as gifts.
  • 75% indicated that they would like to receive a gas card in their stocking.
  • The most desired car among respondents from popular culture is the Aston Martin Vanquish from "James Bond: Die Another Day."
  • When asked which fantasy vehicle they would most like to receive, the majority of survey participants chose the Batmobile.

Given the results of this survey, it seems like a major automaker should listen to consumer demand and put the Batmobile into mass production.

A Kinder, Gentler and More Practical Car Bow Solution

17% of survey respondents said that they would be including a giant car bow with their gifted vehicle. And, luckily, The Car Bow Store in Warminster, PA has something new to offer this holiday season.

The Car Bow Store is known for being the leading manufacturer of car bows in the U.S. Traditionally producing magnetic bows, the company has recently responded to industry changes. With more manufacturers using aluminum in vehicles, magnetic bows just won't work with every car. Also, luxury brand dealers have expressed concern about the damage that magnets can do to paint.

So, The Car Bow Store is now offering giant suction cups as an alternative. These American-made suction cups are the strongest on the market, but they are non-damaging to vehicle surfaces. Also, the can be purchased for just $3.00.

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