If you love riding your bike, your favorite hobby should be a factor in deciding which vehicle to buy. Yes, any car can effectively carry a bicycle with the right roof rack system installed, but some vehicles are just naturally better than others at carrying bikes from Point A to Point B.

Vehicles that are Built for Adventure

For outdoor-enthusiasts who actually prefer to be on two wheels instead of four, a car is still sometimes necessary to get you to that perfect trail. The following models are very bicycle-friendly and can be purchased used for $20,000 or less.

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  • The 2012 Subaru Outback:
    This vehicle has a huge interior, so you can bring a substantial amount of gear along with you. With 71.3 cubic feet of storage capacity, your bike should fit comfortably inside of your Outback if you don't have a roof mount. And due to the benefit of 8.7 inches of ground clearance and standard all-wheel drive, few off-pavement trails will be off-limits.
  • The 2013 Ford Escape:
    The Escape has been praised for being roomy and comfortable. It comes with a maximum of 68.1 cubic feet of storage space to haul your favorite bicycle and accessories. If you prefer to stow your other ride on the outside of the vehicle, the Escape can easily accommodate either a roof-rack system or a hitch-mounted carrier.
  • The 2013 Toyota Prius v Two:
    Believe it or not, the Prius Two is as roomy as some small SUVs and crossovers, AND it boasts incredible fuel economy (51 mpg/city, 48 mpg/highway). You simply have to fold down the rear seats to enjoy 67.3 cubic feet of cargo space. With a Prius purchase, you'll have a vehicle that is better for the environment, good for exploring and great for your wallet.
  • The 2011 Honda Element:
    Sadly, production of this vehicle has been discontinued, but you can still purchase one used. And if you like to bring your dog with you on bike rides, this may be the compact SUV for you. The Element has always been known for being one of the most pet-friendly vehicles on the market, and, come to find out, it carries bicycles well too. In fact, it can carry 74.6 feet of cargo, which is among the highest in its class. This is also why the Element looks so boxy.

You have probably put a great deal of consideration into the kind of bike you ride, so you should be equally concerned with getting the right vehicle to transport your two-wheeled wonder. It is also a good idea to acquire the best financing for your situation.

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