Sure. You know that you need a reliable car that gets decent gas mileage and won't wreck your budget, but you also have an image to maintain. You want your car to look good and you want to look good in your car. No problem. There are cars for stylish drivers who happen to be on a budget.

Kelley Blue Book has published a "10 Coolest Cars Under $25,000" list, and this list has been narrowed down to the most affordable and best looking selections. Prepare to save money and get noticed.

Stylish Drivers, Meet Your Match

There is literally a car out there for every type of driver, even for those who think of their car as a giant accessory that needs to work with every outfit. You can buy one of these affordable vehicles and still have plenty of cash left over for clothes, shoes and other necessities.

fiat 500

The Fiat 500:
There is no style like Italian style, and the diminutively adorable Fiat 500 has style to spare. Check out the 1957 Edition in Celeste Blu, Latte Menta or Verde Chiaro. Yes, the wheels match the paint. The Fiat is best for city driving and it gets pretty good gas mileage. You won't be able to fit a whole lot into this subcompact car, but you're probably not buying it to haul vast amounts of cargo.

ford fiesta

The Ford Fiesta:
How about a subcompact car that is very affordable, looks great and is also a lot of fun to drive? The Fiesta may be exactly what you're looking for, with its nimble handling, excellent fuel economy and high-quality cabin. If you really want to enjoy your time on the road, spring for the ST model. According to reviewers, the upgrade is well worth the modest price jump.

jeep wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler:
It's a little rugged, sure, but this compact SUV is an absolute classic. And there's nothing that says stylish drivers can't also be adventurous. The Wrangler lets you take the party anywhere with the best off-road capabilities in its class. It also comes with standard four-wheel drive, so this is a perfect vehicle if you live in an area where the roads get dodgy with ice and snow in the winter.

mazda cx-3

The Mazda CX-3:
Get ready to make your friends jealous with the CX-3. This compact SUV offers outstanding fuel economy, "sporty" handling, an upscale interior and a surprisingly long list of standard features. You will enjoy a six-speaker stereo, a 7-inch touch-screen display, a rear view camera and more. But does it look good? It's a Mazda. Of course it looks good.

mini cooper

The Mini Cooper:
Small, charming and eternally stylish, the Mini Cooper is fashion on wheels. As one of the sharpest-handling cars in its class, the Mini is notoriously fun to drive. It comes standard with a turbocharged, three-cylinder engine, gets good gas mileage and is praised for having powerful brakes. You will also love the interior. It features upscale materials and "clever" styling details.

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Stylish Drivers, Meet Your Auto Loan

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