The advancement of in-car technology over the past handful of years has been remarkable. Innovative automakers continue to add useful technologies to their vehicles. But of the latest technologies, which ones are the best of the best?

The Top 5 Automotive Technologies for 2018

infotainment screenAccording to Autotrader, these are the five must-have automotive technologies for 2018:

  • Active steering systems – One of the most common accidents on the road involves drivers not staying in their lane. Manufacturers such as Volvo and Lexus have advanced steering systems that can take control of the car to keep drivers in their lane and even steer around potential collisions.
  • Comprehensive cameras – In addition to the rearview camera and more advance 360-degree camera systems, manufacturers are even using cameras to watch what's going on in the back seats. Honda's "CabinWatch" feature for the Honda Odyssey allows drivers to check on passengers without having to turn around.
  • Digital dashboard gauges – Digital speedometers and tachometers aren’t a new idea, but they’ve become far more advanced recently. Audi, for example, calls their digital interface the "Virtual Cockpit." It provides drivers with digital readouts on a screen located higher up so they can better keep their eyes on the road.
  • Better Bluetooth – In-car Bluetooth has improved in quality over the past few years. Older systems can take some time to connect to a smartphone, but Honda has gone beyond that. With the newest Accord, there’s a feature where the driver can simply tap their Android phone against the dashboard to connect via Bluetooth immediately.
  • Wireless charging – With the most recent smartphones offering the ability to charge wirelessly, it makes sense that vehicles are beginning to cater to this feature. Wireless charging pads are being offered as an option by some automakers and are fairly inexpensive.

The Future of Technology

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