Life is good in the City of Brotherly Love. Rich in history, abundant in art and well-known for serving some of the best food in the country, Philadelphians have a lot of bragging rights. And if you live in Philly, you know this is true. You may also know what it is like to buy a car with bad credit. It isn't necessarily easy to find affordable financing when your credit is damaged.

Driving in Philly

Bad Credit Car Buying in Philadelphia

Trying to get anywhere quickly on 676 can be frustrating, and navigating the never-ending construction on 95 is challenging. But it is still nice to own your own car if you reside either in Philadelphia or in the surrounding area.

If you have a family, everyday activities are easier to navigate if you have regular access to a vehicle. And if you live outside of Philadelphia and commute into the city, a car may be absolutely necessary. There are also things to see and do outside of Philly, and you may find it relaxing to get away sometimes.

NerdWallet ranks Philadelphia as the 25th most expensive city to live in, so you may not want to spend a fortune on a vehicle. After all, you want to keep money in your budget for cheesesteaks, trips to Wawa and the occasional Eagles or Phillies game. So, you may be wondering if your bad credit will prevent you from getting a good deal on a car.

The Right Car Deal for Your Situation

If you have bad credit because of late payments, repossession or bankruptcy, Drivers Lane can help you buy an affordable car. Even if you still owe money on a current vehicle, we can assist you in getting the best possible loan terms. And you should know that if you are still hesitant about buying, there may be leasing or rent-to-own opportunities available.

What exactly can we do?

Our process is almost as simple as ordering "one whiz with." After you apply with us, we will connect you with a dealer in our network that is qualified to work with your credit situation. You will meet with a finance manager at a local dealership and choose a vehicle that fits your needs and budget. Then, you will simply sign the papers and drive away. It's easier than getting a parking ticket in Center City.

Building Back Your Credit

If your credit report looks like it has gone a few rounds with Mr. Balboa, the damage can be undone with time and effort. In fact, getting approved for a bad credit auto loan is a good way to start the repair process. After you buy your vehicle, your credit score will gradually improve with every timely payment you make. When your loan has been paid off, you may notice a significant improvement in your overall credit rating. This will make it easier for you to finance your next car, get an apartment or purchase a home in the future.

Contacting Drivers Lane is the first step in getting behind the wheel and back on the road to good credit. We will do all of the hard work for you, and all you need to do is fill out our fast, simple and 100% secure online application to get started today.